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Very few Oxfordshire businesses can get away with sitting on the same set of graphics indefinitely; they either become dated, e.g the information no longer makes sense, or times change and they begin to look old-fashioned and aesthetically unappealing. Regularly updating graphics and ensuring they’re well displayed – whether via screen printed merchandise, custom shop fascias and window graphics, free-standing signs or as vehicle graphics / vehicle wrappings – is the ideal way to make a favourable impression with customers, clients and employees, all year round.

But what are the key factors you should be considering when looking to update your approach to digital print, graphics and your marketing in general?

Things to Consider When Investing in New Graphics

Application – First of all, where are you planning on displaying your new branding, or informational digital print? If you operate retail outlets in Oxfordshire you may wish for it to be front and centre: on shop fascias, or perhaps as semi-permanent window graphics. Those who don’t have such a premises but operate a fleet, for example, may opt for vehicle wrapping or vehicle graphics – this transforms your vehicles into professional-looking, mobile advertisements.

And while some digital print and designs will look great wherever they’re applied, it’s usually best to tailor your ideas to where they’ll eventually sit. For example, stark fonts that declare essential directional or safety information are a better choice for sign writers / sign makers than frilly and stylised font that may be slightly harder to read at a quick glance; but the latter may be perfect for window graphics or shop fascias, depending on the industry you operate within.

Visibility – Building on the former point, you should give some thought to visibility. The majority of the graphic services that we offer the Oxfordshire area are all about visibility – whether bringing in passing trade, marking a particular company office within a wider premises via screen printing or as sign makers / sign writers, or advertising deals and services while your fleet makes its away about Oxfordshire via vehicle graphics / vehicle wrapping.

But going overboard can make for garish print that creates the wrong impression; it might look desperate or simply ugly. So it’s important to balance visibility, e.g the right font size in the right colour, on a background that helps it stand out, with tastefulness. We’re always happy to advise here, as the latter is so subjective and oftentimes nuanced.

Existing Branding – If you’re switching up shop fascias, vehicle graphics or similar features with our sign makers and graphics services providers, it’s worth considering how recognisable the existing branding you have already is. It might be showing its age, but Oxfordshire clients and residents may associate you with a particular colour scheme, for example.

By sticking with a similar, or the same colour scheme but overhauling other aspects, such as a logo, you can ensure you’re not resetting your brand imagery altogether. It’s taking a leaf out of large corporations’ books, who often switch up their branding in marketing efforts but not beyond recognition. It says to the client: they’re undergoing a facelift, and are investing in their business and not: they’ve totally changed hands and my experiences with them now count for nothing.

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