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Do you use a vehicle or fleet of vehicles for work? The chances are that professional vehicle graphics could prove a wise investment, heightening local brand awareness amongst Oxfordshire residents, while showing your company to be professional and committed to its image.

In the final round of our opening blog series, Waterman Graphics has looked to provide a brief guide to vehicle graphics for the benefit of customers in our principal service area of Oxfordshire. Should you have a question regarding this or any other one of the other graphics services we offer, explained on dedicated service pages across this website, pick up the phone and call us on 01869 249842.

Why Invest in Vehicle Graphics?

There are two core reasons to have your vehicle or fleet wrapped in high quality vehicle graphics. Firstly, it presents an incredibly cost-efficient marketing potential. The more you drive around Oxfordshire over the course of the average day, or even when not “on the clock” at the weekend or after working hours, the more you expose your company to potential customers.

The second core reason is the professionalism it can lend. An unadorned vehicle not only neglects marketing, but can be interpreted as the sign of an amateur operation (even if the products and services you offer Oxfordshire are far from amateur). Vehicle graphics showing off your company logo and colour scheme, whether starkly minimal or full of sales offer information and contact details, suggest your business values professionalism and can be trusted.

What to Include in Vehicle Graphics?

A company logo is really a must; we’re happy to wrap a vehicle with existing vehicle graphics, or design you a new one if the former is looking tired, old or simply a bit generic. What else you include really depends on what you’re looking to achieve. Thrive on spontaneous, “passing” trade? A phone number and snappy call to action would be ideal. Or perhaps you wish to use branded imagery, or include a mission statement that sums up your approach to your work. Our team will help you figure out what will prove most effective, should you be unsure.

How Long Do Vehicle Graphics Last?

How long vehicle graphics last depend on a number of contingent factors, including exposure to the elements (most crucially solar rays), the frequency and severity of temperature changes, and how often the vehicle is driven. Other factors include the quality of application, making it vital you choose the right team to handle your vehicle wraps (like Waterman Graphics in Oxfordshire).

But as a ballpark average, we’d say most vehicle graphics last between three and five years. There are ways to help maximise the usage you get out of yours, for example: by cleaning its surface to prevent stains and discolorations from developing and “setting in”, ruining the look. Cracking and fading – issues that may have been encountered by prospective Oxfordshire clients who used vehicle wraps many years ago – are less of a problem now, due to advancements with materials and techniques employed.

Interested in having new or existing vehicle graphics wrapped around your fleet? Call Oxfordshire’s Waterman Graphics today on 01869 249842.