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Elsewhere on our website we cover why it pays to invest in vehicle wrapping, and in our prior blog post we talk about the various aesthetic considerations you should pay heed to when planning your vehicle graphics. The subject of today’s blog? When clients in Oxford and surrounding areas should consider getting new vehicle wrapping designed and placed on their vehicle.

If you’re looking to discuss the design of new vehicle graphics for your fleet, why not give the Waterman Graphics team a call on 01869 249842? Whether you have existing ideas or branding, or need something designed from the ground up, we’ll be able to realise your dream vehicle wrapping to ensure you turn heads while making your way about Oxford and the wider UK.

When to Invest in New Vehicle Wrapping?

During a Rebrand – Research shows that from time to time, a rebrand can pay serious dividends; it’s no wonder that even the biggest companies in the world occasionally embark on one, subtly altering existing logos, changing their favoured colour schemes, or otherwise mixing things up. You might be rebranding to change focus, increase sales, highlight a recent merger or acquisition, or for any number of other reasons – but by incorporating new logos, colour schemes and information on vehicle wrapping you can very quickly accustom your local surroundings – e.g Oxford customers – to the change of face.

The Changing of Seasons – Some companies offer seasonable fare, or find that their services change as the seasons roll by. Changing vehicle wrapping to reflect this can serve as effective marketing. Anyone viewing your vehicle will be aware of the relevancy of your current service or product offerings, and be more likely to pick up that phone and make a call, or visit your site should you be Oxford based.

When Things are Looking Out-dated – …now this can be taken two ways and both are relevant. Firstly, out-dated in terms of aesthetics. Old vehicle graphics can have a clunky “90s” feel that can easily perturb clients; they might think: “if they care this little about their aesthetic, then are they going to care about my custom?” After all, our sense of what’s stylish and clean-cut changes drastically with time. Another sense in which Oxford customers have found their vehicle wrapping becomes out-dated pertains to the information featured on vehicle wrapping. Old website URLS, old phone numbers and the like should all be updated to ensure you benefit from the new business vehicle wrapping generates.

With New Products & Prices – While the most common information that you see featured on vehicle wrapping are URLS, email addresses and phone numbers, some clients will also choose to have prices or new products and services featured. These are all subject to change, especially during product launches or special offer periods. So visit us to update vehicle wrapping and ensure it’s completely accurate, and not likely to confuse or frustrate Oxford clients who contact you having seen your fleet in action.

Time to invest in new vehicle wrapping? Call Waterman Graphics in Oxford on 01869 249842. Our graphics are clean, informative and eye-catching – everything you could ask for.