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An area in which we specialise is vehicle graphics, which we design and implement for clients in our hometown of Oxford, and all surrounding Oxfordshire locales. While other blog articles focus on the advantages that investing in vehicle graphics can offer, today’s entry looks at important considerations you should keep in mind during the design process.

Remember, Waterman Graphics provides a bespoke service tailored to the client’s individual tastes and requirements. To this end, we’re equally happy working with collateral and utilising existing graphics as we are creating new branding from scratch. Which you choose is completely down to you. But at all times, from first point of contract to the finalisation of designs and the vehicle wrapping itself, we’ll be on hand to provide advice and assistance. So if you have any question at all or simply wish to get the ball rolling on your new vehicle graphics, call our Oxford location on 01869 249842.

Vehicle Graphics & Design Considerations

Colour – In most cases, vehicle graphics are looking to capture the eye of potential customers; this turns your fleet into highly effective, mobile billboards with all the information needed to secure new business. So it will come as no surprise that many Oxford businesses look to harness the power of a strong colour scheme… But vehicle wrapping can also deter would be clients, especially if the colour is garish and ill-thought out; the client’s thinking is that poor taste might translate to a poor product or service offering!

So think about what colours communicate what you’re trying to get across. If your business, either via products, premises or existing marketing material, is already associated with particular colours – then these should be prioritised. This creates a sense of brand unity and instant recognition. Still at the drawing board? While fairly general, it can be said that red is linked with urgency, blue with calm, green with nature, yellow with light and positivity. Think about the impression you wish to make, and how colour can prove consistent with your business’s approach to what it is you do.

Information – When seeing a vehicle pass that pertains to a current situation we find ourselves in – anything from the urgent need for a plumber, to the general urge to learn to drive – we wish to see clear and readable information. If your business has a website, then a URL prominently positioned is a great idea. Location on one of Oxford’s best known streets? An address might be called for. Manning phone lines? You get the picture…

Yet vehicle graphics should feature a harmonious balance of essential information and aesthetic “frills”. Too much information can be overwhelming, as the eye doesn’t know where to look and the sheer amount of “stuff going on” creates a sense of confusion. We recommend Oxford clients ensure vehicle wrapping has just the essential information, from contact lines to bullet point lists of services, or a brief advertising tag line that serves as a call to action.

Timeliness – At Waterman Graphics, many of our Oxford clients come in regularly to have their vehicle wrapping updated, so that essential information like new service offerings or deals that may have changed can be incorporated. However, if you’re looking for vehicle graphics that will be long-lasting and not need to be changed, you may wish to omit any short or mid-term deals, or information relating to particular seasonal work etc. Anything that could look dated will ultimately make a poor impression once the information is no longer relevant.

For more advice on vehicle graphics, or to enlist the assistance of Oxford’s Waterman Graphics, give our friendly team a call on 01869 249842.