Say What You Need to Say With Our Screen Printing in Oxfordshire | Waterman Graphics

Ask someone what comes to mind when they think of screen printing and you’ll usually hear back: t-shirts, tote bags and similar merchandise. And that’s certainly one of the more popular applications, employed equally as often by massive retailers as independent artists, bands and business ventures in the Oxfordshire area. But screen printing is an incredibly versatile means of adorning a product or surface with branding of your choice; so in this blog page, we’re going to run over some of the less common, but important screen printing jobs we take on for our clients in and around Oxfordshire.

Remember, we can screen print onto most surfaces, including powder coated metals, steel, aluminium and all rigid plastics. So whatever it is you have in mind, give us a call on 01869 249842.

Screen Printing’s Many Applications

Wall Décor – When customers enter a retail outlet, or employees enter their working environment, spying well-integrated company branding can work wonders; in the former case, the customer instantly notes your professionalism and latches onto a memorable signifier, while in the latter, the employee gets in the zone and feels welcomed into their working space. As we create custom jigs, we can use screen printing to update your wall décor with text or images of up to 1,000 x 1,400mm.

Equipment – Many of our Oxfordshire clients wish to quite literally stamp their name on equipment that may need to be quickly identified, or stands the risk of being lost or accidentally taken. Screen printing can let us mark materials and equipment with your company’s name or logo, so that when working alongside of trades or companies with similar materials, or supplying infrastructure/products on a rental basis, you have peace of mind knowing there won’t be disputes over “whose is whose”.

Posters & Cards – Do you have an advertising campaign you’re looking to launch across Oxfordshire? Quality, screen printed posters can spread awareness and do a lot of the heavy lifting within your wider campaign. We can quickly print as many as you require, as well as smaller cards that you can hand out or place in tactical spots such as sitting on reception desks. One-off custom art pieces made via screen printing can also be great promotional material, perhaps given away as a part of a competition prize pool.

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