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While many more businesses now give proper thought to their graphic design than in recent years, there are still many sole traders and companies operating around Oxfordshire who’ve totally neglected this side of their marketing. Some have simply been too busy to get round to it; others simply don’t think it’s very important.

In this latest blog, the Waterman Graphics team has looked to address the latter, running over some of the key reasons investing in quality graphic design is so important. Already decided it’s time for a re-brand? Or perhaps you need existing branding replicated via our screen printing or vehicle wrap services? Call our Oxfordshire premises today on 01869 249842.

How Important is Professional Graphic Design for Your Business?

Boost Sales – Consumers are fairly fickle, and can often be swayed to buy one product over another, or one service over another, because the branding of one is simply more appealing at first glance. What makes it appealing? Sometimes it’s the fact it looks more professional and modern, suggesting the business puts a lot of care and attention into everything they do; other times it’s because the branding is funny or relatable.

Bespoke graphic design, such as that we handle for clients throughout Oxfordshire, needs to keep target market and the nature of the business itself firmly in mind. You don’t want graphic design that communicates conflicting messages, or doesn’t accurately communicate the nature of your business. Hit the target, and you may register a palpable increase in sales!

Establishing Your Name – In today’s day and age, bombarded by spectacle and marketing noise everywhere we go, a bog-standard company name in a standard font on a plain sign is simply not going to be remembered. Effective graphic design cuts through this noise and ensures your company’s name and branding are remembered.

This means when the prospective client comes to need the products or services you provide, it’s your name that jumps into mind, and not a local Oxfordshire competitor. But while it’s important to capture the eye, and create a favourable association between your company and its image/marketing, over doing this can seem desperate or irritating – so it’s important to strike a balance, with clear and communicative branding that sums you up.

Garnering Trust – Our graphic design services can deliver you far more than just a logo to place on your shop window or fascia, website etc. It can be used to obtain a unified series of messages, logos, calls to action, information, vehicle wraps and screen printed merchandise – all of which is immediately identifiable as your company’s content.

When Oxfordshire residents are constantly seeing your logo, company name, font and colour scheme around, they trust you more and more. Think of what we think when we see the AA, or one of the big supermarket retailer’s branding about: we almost unconsciously recall all the positive characteristics we associate with that business… That’s one of the primary goals of effective marketing.

Encouraging Professionalism – It’s not just retailers and high street service providers that we handle graphic design for – far from it! Many of our past clients come to us wanting workspace graphic design, specifically to foster an environment of professionalism and pride in ones work for their employees. This is especially attractive for newer ventures around Oxfordshire – or those undergoing drastic changes/a shift in branding – who want to show they really mean business!

…but these aren’t the only reasons to invest in professional graphic design with Oxfordshire’s Waterman Graphics. So for more info, or to discuss your requirements, call 01869 249842.